Beam saw and horizontal panel saw: High-performance panel cutting technology by HOLZ-HER

Beam Saws and panel saws from HOLZ-HER combine precision technology with intelligent handling solutions for effective and precision panel cutting. These pressure beam saws are distinguished by their powerful performance packages. Nevertheless, they are very compact allowing use even in shops where work areas require extremely economic planning. Nevertheless their cutting performance is far beyond standard. The cantilever, torsionally rigid design of the base frame as well as the high quality equipment guarantee constantly precise cutting results at maximum performance volume - a hallmark of HOLZ-HER horizontal panel saws.

The heart of any pressure beam saw is the sawing unit. Designed for high cutting lengths and extremely high feed rates, these machines are available in the performance range up to 25 kW. These are the ideal cutting centers for individual panels and stacks with thicknesses of 50 to 120 mm.

The control is decisive for the power output of a state-of-the-art panel saw. HOLZ-HER's high performance, practice-proven CUTCONTROL 2 takes over control. The preinstalled EASY-PLAN and OPTI-CUT software ensures uncomplicated management of your jobs and materials as well as optimization of your cutting plans on the machine. You can also select additional optional features for perfect work preparation in the office.

电子开料锯 TECTRA 系列

HOLZHER beam saw/panel saw TECTRA series - your strong partner for the optimal cut in wood and panels


  • 专业化的软件
  • 气动控制的侧靠压料装置
  • 固定角度锯切装置
  • 所有直线导轨质保期长达10年
细节页面 TECTRA 6120


HOLZ-HER pressure beam saw ZENTREX: high quality and top performance


  • 专业的软件包
  • 智能夹紧装置
  • 双重侧靠压料装置
  • 安全装置——保证操作安全
  • 所有直线导轨质保期长达10年
细节页面 ZENTREX 6220





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